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Do you love to spend time outdoors with family and friends? Do you love backyard barbeques? You may have considered a backyard fire pit to add to your fun and festivities. You may have asked – can I have a fire pit in my backyard? We may be able to help answer your questions at Fox River Fire Rings and families interested in custom, high-quality steel outdoor fire rings can find what they are looking for right here.

Yes – you can have a fire pit in your backyard – but it is important to adhere to state and local fire codes to ensure you and your home are safe. Backyard fire rings are legal in most urban and city areas as long as local statutes are adhered to. It is important to note that conditions and restrictions for your backyard fire pit may be dependent on weather and climate conditions in your area. When there is a high risk for fire in your region – dry conditions and high winds – your state, county or city may have a temporary ban on fires.

What Are Common Backyard Fire Pit Laws and Regulations?

Please note that laws and regulations that pertain to fires can and will vary based on where you live. With that said – there are common recreational fire pit laws that pertain to location, material and supervision. A recreational fire is defined – in general terms – as an outdoor fire that burns materials that do not include trash and is not contained by a grill or cooking apparatus. In most locations, a recreational fire must not exceed 3-feet in diameter and 3-feet in height.

Here is a closer look at common fire regulations, laws and statutes that you may encounter in your state, county or city. Make sure to check your local statutes and ordinances for more specific regulations.

1. Fire Pit Location Guidelines

When you decide to purchase an outdoor fire ring – whether you want it to be portable or in a permanent location – it is important to understand basic location guidelines. Portable fire rings should be placed on a fire-resistant surface or patio whenever possible to prevent loose embers from starting additional fires. In most locations, a fire pit should be a minimum of 10 feet from your property line, free of any hanging branches or coverings and is required to be at least 25 feet from your home or any additional structures.

2. Fire Pit Material Guidelines

The materials you burn in your Fox River Fire Ring are just as important as where you have your fire pit. Smoke, chemicals and gasses from improper burn materials have the potential to be dangerous to friends and family who just want to enjoy a fire. Paper from magazines can have chemicals from the ink, trash may use a variety of chemicals and even natural foliage like poison ivy that is burned can be irritating. Burn clean, dry firewood from your local area and you will have no issues.

3. Fire Pit Supervision Guidelines

Did you know that when you light a fire in your backyard it must be supervised by a legal adult at all times? This means that you must be in the immediate area and not just working on a different home project. A simple gust of wind can spread fire quickly in dry conditions and constant supervision is protection against that dangerous scenario. When the fire is extinguished, the embers can retain heat for several hours and it is important to spread the coals and mix with sand or dirt to prevent any remaining embers from being ignited.

Logs Burning in a Fire Ring

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Fox River Fire Rings specializes in custom outdoor fire rings that are manufactured from high-quality steel and made right here in the U.S.A. We love nothing more than a night around the fire with family and friends and we want to make sure that questions like – can I have a fire pit in my backyard – get answered for all of our customers. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today for more information on our products!