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We know and love backyard fires here at Fox River Fire Rings – but it is important to remember that fire can be as dangerous as it is comforting and beautiful. When you decide to have a backyard fire pit, it is important that you observe proper fire safety rules and understand your local laws and regulations in relation to backyard recreational fires. Families who want to add a custom fire pit to their backyard want to know – do I need a burn permit for a backyard fire pit? We can help answer your questions at Fox River Fire Rings!

What Are the Burning Restrictions for a Backyard Fire Pit?

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Fox River Fire Rings is based in Neenah, WI and we ship our custom fire rings across the country. The recreational fire laws and regulations will vary based on where you live and it is important to check with your local resources or fire department. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) requires a burn permit to burn outdoors in select parts of the state and a burn permit via the Wisconsin DNR is FREE at Potential customers in Illinois may not need a burn permit – depending on where they live.

When you create your perfect outdoor space and add a backyard fire pit to your home, you may need a local burn permit. Many cities and communities in Wisconsin require a backyard burn permit for an affordable fee. Here is a better look at a few Wisconsin cities that require a local backyard burn permit – which can be purchased through the city or the local fire department. Your backyard fire pit may need to be inspected by a member of the fire department and may need to meet certain parameters for safety reasons.

  • Appleton – Burn Permit Required – $30 Seasonal Permit
  • Oshkosh – Burn Permit Required – $15 Seasonal Permit
  • Green Bay – No Burn Permit Required
  • Neenah – Burn Permit Required – $17 Seasonal Permit
  • Menasha – Burn Permit Required – $20 Seasonal Permit

3 Steps To Safe Backyard Fires

When you invite friends and family over for a backyard bonfire, it is important to be safe and follow fire safety rules. We may be able to help with this quick list of three steps to safe backyard fires.

  1. Get a Permit – Check with your local resources to determine if you need a burn permit to have a backyard fire pit. The laws as they apply to backyard fire pits will vary based on the state and city where you live. 
  2. Check Weather and Burn Restrictions – Weather conditions can have a severe impact on fire safety. Make sure you check the weather prior to your backyard fire in case there are high winds that can spread fire in an instant. In addition – your local fire department or community may regulate when you can have a fire based on conditions.
  3. Follow Fire Safety Rules – No matter when and where you burn, it is vital that you follow fire safety rules. Do not leave your backyard fire unattended, keep your fire a safe distance from your home or structures and have a fire extinguisher on hand for emergencies.

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Do you have questions about your backyard fire pit? Have you wanted to ask – do I need a burn permit for a backyard fire pit? We hope that this quick overview created by Fox River Fire Rings will help point you in the right direction. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today to get a customized backyard fire ring!