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Fire is a beautiful thing – but don’t be mistaken – it can be dangerous if you are not careful. When you and your family enjoy a backyard fire, we want you to be safe and we have created a list of our Top 5 Fire Safety Tips to get you started, but even if you follow our tips to the letter, accidents will happen. You may want to know – what should I do if I get burned by my fire pit? We hope that this quick guide created by the Fox River Fire Rings Team will help!

Tips for Burn First Aid and Treatment

Burns are all too common and can be sustained in a variety of ways – hot water, steam, a hot stove, electricity, chemicals, and hot surfaces like your outdoor fire ring. Accidents happen when you have a backyard fire. Kids get curious or trip and fall around the fire pit. Family members can get burned when trying to add wood to the fire. No matter what the scenario – it is important to understand burn first aid and treatment.

How To Treat a Major Burn

A severe burn can be traumatic and may mean a trip to the emergency room – which makes it even more important that you know how to treat a major burn if and when you are faced with that scenario. The symptoms of a major and severe burn include dry and leathery skin, charred skin that appears white, brown or black, large burn areas, burns to multiple layers of skin and immediate swelling. Here are the steps to treat a major burn.

  1. Call 911 for immediate care.
  2. Prevent the individual from getting any additional burns.
  3. Make sure the individual is breathing – perform rescue breathing if not.
  4. Remove belts or jewelries around the burn in case of swelling.
  5. Cover the burn with loose gauze or a clean cloth.
  6. Raise the burned area above the heart if possible.
  7. Monitor the individual for signs of shock.
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How To Treat a Minor Burn

A minor burn can be treated with basic first aid at home and should not require a trip to see your doctor. The symptoms of a minor burn include redness, dry skin, blisters, peeling skin and skin that is painful to the touch. Here are the steps to treat a minor burn at home.

  1. Hold the burned area under cool water for 10 minutes.
  2. Remove belts or jewelry around the burn in case of swelling.
  3. Do not break blisters to prevent infection.
  4. Apply lotion – aloe or cocoa butter – to the burned area.
  5. Cover the burn with a clean and loose bandage.
  6. Use an over-the-counter pain reliever for any lasting pain.
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When you have a backyard get together around your fire pit, it is important to understand what to do in an emergency and you may ask – what should I do if I get burned by my fire pit? We can help with this quick overview of how to treat major and minor burns when accidents happen. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today to get a custom outdoor fire pit for your backyard!