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Are you the proud new owner of a custom backyard fire pit? Are you looking for ways to keep your fire pit in good shape for years to come? We are here to help with a quick overview of how to clean and maintain your backyard fire pit. Use this quick step-by-step guide on fire pit care and maintenance to keep your fire pit in good shape and ensure that you get to continue enjoying backyard fires with family and friends for years.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean and Maintain Your Backyard Fire Pit

How you clean and maintain your fire pit will vary based on the type of fire pit that you own – but fire pits manufactured with high-quality steel and copper can be maintained with a few simple steps. We want to help you prevent rust on your fire pit and ensure that your fire pit will last and maintain a fresh clean look. 

Here are a few steps that you can take to maintain your backyard fire pit:

Fire in a Fire Pit at Night

1. Clean Out Debris and Ash

After you have had a fire, it is important to clean out the debris and ash from your fire pit when it has cooled. Use a pair of work gloves and trash bag to remove larger debris and use a small shovel or shop-vac to remove any ash that remains from your fire. Ash and debris left in your fire pit for a long period can cause damage to the metal.

2. Wash with Soap and Water

When you have a steel or copper fire pit, the best way to clean it and remove any residue from your fire is to use soap and water. Use a washcloth with soap and water to clean the steel after each use, rinse it with the hose, and then allow it to air dry or wipe it dry with a cloth. Make sure to keep the fire pit dry, it will start to rust if not kept dry.

3. Add a Layer of Oil to Protect the Metal

A layer of oil can help prevent rust from forming on your fire pit and ensure it remains in good condition for years. Vegetable oil is a natural oil that can be put on the metal to help prevent rust and is safe if you cook over your fire pit. Products like RUSTGARD™ are an alternative that will help prevent rust on your fire ring. 

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When you purchase a backyard fire ring for your home, it is important to protect your investment and we hope this quick overview of how to clean and maintain your backyard fire pit will help your Fox River Fire Ring last for years. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today to order a custom steel fire ring in Wisconsin!