Close Up of a Fire and Ash in a Steel Fire Ring

We love to have backyard fires with family and friends when the weather warms up – but what happens after your backyard fun? We don’t mean picking up soda cans and putting lawn chairs away. We mean the ashes from your fire. If you are planning to create a backyard entertainment space with a fire pit, you may want to know how to dispose of ashes from your backyard fire pit. We believe in fire safety here at Fox River Fire Rings and we have the information you need.

Where Should You Dispose of Ashes From Your Fire Pit?

Concrete Garbage Can for Hot Coals and Ash on a Beach

Whether you have a backyard barbeque built, you have an indoor wood fireplace, or you have a custom Fox River Fire Ring in your backyard, it is important to know what to do with the ashes when all of the fun is over. In general – you can dispose of backyard fire pit ashes in your regular garbage can – but you may want to check with local ordinances to ensure there are not more specific disposal instructions in your area.

When you dispose of backyard fire pit ashes, it is important that you ensure they are cool to the touch. It is best to put ashes from your fire in a steel garbage can or bin for a few days to a week to make sure they are cool and there is zero risk of them reigniting in your garbage can. When the ashes have cooled, you can bag them up in regular garbage bags and put them out with the rest of your trash. Look at temperature, color, and smoke to determine if ashes are cool enough to put in the garbage. Ashes that are white, have no smoke, and are cool enough to touch are safe to dispose of in your trash. Do not put fire ashes in the recycling.

Can I Put Ashes in My Garden?

Do you have a garden in your backyard? Do you like to compost? You may be asking – can I put ashes in my garden or compost bin? Backyard fire pit ashes are high in minerals like potassium, calcium, and more that can help enrich the soil in your backyard garden that will help you grow big, red, and juicy tomatoes this summer. Be aware – ashes will raise the alkaline levels in the soil and may not be good if you grow plants that like more acidic soil. 

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Learn more about how to dispose of ashes from your backyard fire pit with this overview created by the Fox River Fire Rings Team. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today to custom order a high-quality steel fire ring and have it delivered to your door!