Person Using a Fire Starter to Spark Kindling

Do you love nights around the campfire like we do? Are you new to fire pits, fire rings and campfires at the cabin? Are you unsure about what type of wood you should burn? Do you struggle to get your fire started? You may ask – what can I use to start a fire in my fire pit – and we can help answer your questions at Fox River Fire Rings.

Is It Safe to Use Fire Starters in My Wood Burning Fire Pit?

Yes – artificial fire starters are safe to use in your wood burning fire pit. Fox River Fire Rings employ high-quality steel and a heat-resistant coat that make them capable of withstanding high temperatures and durable for everyday use. 

If you struggle to get your campfire started at the cabin, cottage, campsite or lake house, a fire starter can be a quick and easy way for you to start the fire. Fire starters employ flammable chemicals and materials that light quickly and stay lit – a great way to ignite your kindling. You can use simple dryer lint, egg cartons or candles to start a fire or you can purchase artificial fire starters to give you a spark. Artificial fire starters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and chemical formulas that are manufactured to light in wet conditions, burn hot for short periods, withstand high winds and burn cleanly without toxic chemicals or flare-ups.

What Are the Best Fire Starters for My Fire Pit?

Fire starters are more than just a quick and easy way to kickstart your campfire – they are critical in survival scenarios. There are fire starters for your fireplace, your fire pit and your survival backpack. Here is a list of a few of the best fire starters you can use at home in your wood burning fire pit.

  • Super Cedar FireStarters
  • Fatwood Fire Starter
  • Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares
  • Pine Cone Fire Starters
  • Ceramic Firestarting Stones
  • Phone Skope Pyro Putty
  • FireFlame
  • Superior Trading Co. Light a Fire
  • Midwest Hearth Fire Starter
  • Eco-Stix Fatwood
  • Exotac fireROD
  • Wolf & Grizzly Ferro Rod
  • Light My Fire Tinder-on-a-Rope
  • Uco Sweetfire
  • Duraflame Fatwood Kindling Sticks
Ferrol Rod Fire Starter

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Do you need help getting your campfires started? You may have asked – what can I use to start a fire in my fire pit? We hope this quick look at fire starters and how they work created by our team at Fox River Fire Rings can help. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today to get a custom outdoor fire ring for your home, campsite, cabin, cottage or lake house!