Family Roasting Marshmallows by Fire Ring with Brick Surround

Are you looking for ways to create the perfect backyard fire pit area at your home? Do you want to make your backyard fire pit area match your patio? Are you looking for ways to protect kids and pets from the hot steel of your fire ring? A fire pit surround may be the answer to your questions and Fox River Fire Rings is here to help. Learn how to build a fire pit surround in your backyard with this quick how-to guide.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Backyard Fire Pit

Do you love to entertain guests in your backyard? Have you wanted to create a backyard fire pit for you, your family, and your friends to enjoy on warm summer nights? Fox River Fire Rings can help you get started with a high-quality fire ring – but a stone fire pit surround can create a seamless style in your backyard and provides a layer of protection from the heat of your fire ring. This do-it-yourself guide to backyard fire pit surrounds will help get you started.

Brick Backyard Fire Pit and Patio at Sunset

1. Buy a High-Quality Steel Fire Ring

When you build your backyard fire pit, it is important you start with a high-quality steel fire ring that will last and Fox River Fire Rings can help you find the right fit. Fox River Fire Rings are manufactured with high-quality steel and are available in a variety of sizes that will fit any backyard and are available in circle or square shapes.

2. Choose a Safe Location

It is important to choose a safe location in your backyard that is a safe distance away from your home and flammable structures or surfaces. The general rule of thumb is that your fire pit must be 10-25 feet away from your home or other structures and 10 feet away from your property line. Check your local fire statutes for specific laws and regulations. 

3. Choose Bricks for Your Fire Pit Surround

What type of bricks or concrete blocks do you want to use for your backyard fire pit area? Are you hoping to match your fire pit surround with your patio? Buy the first row of bricks for your fire pit surround and ensure that they fit around your Fox River Fire Ring – whether you choose a circle or square fire pit. 

4. Dig Out the Fire Pit Area and Add Paver Sand

You know how far away from your house your fire pit needs to be and now it is time to mark your space and dig a base for the fire pit. Mark an outline of your fire pit and the first layer of fire pit surround bricks – then dig down 2-3 inches on that line and remove the sod. Make sure to call your local digger hotline to ensure you don’t hit any hidden cables. This provides a solid base for your fire pit and the fire pit surround that is not flammable. Add paver sand or gravel to that space to make the area more stable.

5. Glue the Bricks for the Fire Pit Surround

When you have created the base for your backyard fire pit, it is time to construct your fire pit surround. Place your fire ring in the center with the first layer of fire pit surround bricks in place. Add layers of bricks to your fire pit surround until you reach the desired height and secure each layer of bricks with glue. 

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Are you planning a backyard entertainment area with a fire pit at its center? We hope that this quick guide will help you learn how to build a fire pit surround that will upgrade the style and safety of your backyard fire pit. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today for more information!