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We have all been there before. You have purchased an item for your home and the package says – some assembly required – and it proves to be much more than a few simple nuts and bolts. If you are planning to create an outdoor space with a central fire pit, you may already know that there are different types of outdoor fire rings and you may ask – can I install my own outdoor fire ring? We may be able to help answer your questions at Fox River Fire Rings!

How To Build a DIY Outdoor Fire Pit

Yes – you can install your own outdoor fire ring – but it may not always be the best choice. Fox River Fire Rings are sold and shipped with quick and convenient multi-piece construction that is easy to assemble and install when it arrives at your home. The custom designs employed by Fox River Fire Rings make them ideal for a standalone fire ring in your backyard or at your campsite and they can be an attractive accent piece in your outdoor space.

Traditional wood-burning fire rings like Fox River Fire Rings are easy to assemble and install in your backyard. Propane or natural gas fire pits can be more complicated and you may need a professional to install natural gas lines in your outdoor space and you can complete the construction around the central fire ring. Installation will depend on the style and size of the fire ring that you choose to buy and how elaborate you want your outdoor space to be.

Quick Steps to Build a DIY Outdoor Fire Ring

Like we mentioned above – the amount of work that you need to do on your outdoor fire ring and backyard space will depend a lot on what type of fire ring you choose to purchase. Fox River Fire Rings are easy to assemble and install in your backyard area and are available in a variety of sizes and designs.

Here are a few quick steps that you can take to create your very own outdoor space in your backyard with a Fox River Fire Ring.

  1. Choose a safe and level location for your outdoor fire pit that is a safe distance away from your home and any other outdoor structures.
  2. Mark and prepare the area by removing the sod, compacting the soil, leveling the area as needed, add a layer of gravel or sand and compact the material.
  3. Lay the first row of patio blocks and insert the fire ring to the desired depth and add additional patio blocks as needed.
  4. Remove the fire ring and patio blocks and add construction adhesive to secure the patio blocks in your desired pattern.
Backyard Fire Pit and Patio by a Pool

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Are you ready to create your own backyard patio space? Do you want to add an outdoor fire ring to your backyard? You may ask – can I install my own outdoor fire ring? We can help get you started right here at Fox River Fire Rings. Contact Fox River Fire Rings today to order a custom outdoor fire ring!